I backed into a car and left the scene

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This happens almost every day here in Sarasota
We have a lot of elderly drivers both here and in Manatee County. When this happens, often the elderly driver is flustered and simply drives off. There were 92,000 hit and run accidents in Florida just last year. Even if no one is injured, leaving the scene of an accident with property damage is still a crime. Often someone witnesses this and takes down a tag number and the driver gets a visit from police later. This can result in an arrest or a citation. Most of the time the accident would have been covered by insurance anyway. It is the leaving the scene that is the problem.

Did this happen to you?
No one wants to have a criminal record, even for a misdemeanor. Later in life, you just don’t need something like that tarnishing a perfect history. As a Sarasota criminal lawyer, most of the time these cases can be resolved with restitution and what is known as “diversion”. I may be able to ultimately get your case dismissed after negotiating with the prosecutor. I have handled cases where it is something as simple as running into a mailbox, a street sign or a bus bench. As we get older, our vision just isn’t what it used to be. If it is a matter of property damage, chances are you have a good chance of getting your case dismissed if it is handled right. Sometimes elderly people do not even realize they have hit something. Driving away may have been unintentional. There are defenses to these types of situation.
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