All DUI Lawyers Are Not Created Equal

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All DUI Lawyers Are Not Created Equal

If you are facing a DUI charge, do you want a personal injury lawyer defending you? Do you want a family lawyer or a real estate lawyer standing beside you when the verdict is read?

Criminal law is all we do.

The Yellow Pages and the Internet are full of lawyers that claim they can represent you on a DUI (drunk driving) charge. Many lawyers try to wear many hats and be all things to all people. Do you want a general practice lawyer handling your criminal case? Do you want a foot doctor operating on your heart?

Peter Aiken and Sean O’Halloran, both former prosecutors, have been handling DUI criminal cases their entire careers. Criminal defense is all we do.

Should I use the Sarasota Public Defender for a DUI?

Private lawyers, such as our attorneys at Aiken, O’Halloran & Banyai, have a tremendous advantage over the public defender in a DUI case. As private defense attorneys, we also handle the administrative hearing to save your license at the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. These administrative hearings have been known to come before your criminal case and often before even a public defender is appointed.

As private lawyers, we get the video, we cross examine the arresting officer and we develop valuable testimony which can help your case long before a public defender would even be appointed.

Sarasota Drunk Driving Attorney

Act now to protect your license and driving privileges. Do not wait or it may be too late. At Aiken, O’Halloran & Associates, we have extensive experience in:

  • DUI checkpoints
  • DUI accidents
  • DUI traffic stops
  • DUI manslaughter
  • DUI field sobriety exercises
  • DUI homicide
  • DUI administrative hearings
  • DUI second and third offenses
  • DUI Hit and RUN
  • DUI license suspensions
  • DUI defense

In Sarasota call Peter Aiken our DUI and Felony Traffic defense lawyer at 941-366-3506.. Don’t wait criminal defense is all we do.

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